1. Can I just buy the burner to put into my existing outdoor table?
A – Sorry, No there are safety considerations as there is a lot of heat exchange from a large double ring gas burner.
2. What are they like to clean?
A – Very easy! After finishing cooking allow the BBQ to continue burning for 5 minutes on ‘HIGH.’ Turn off the gas and scrub the cooking plate with a wire brush to remove burned on grease and food residue. Coat with cooking oil to minimise any rusting. You can also scrub the cooking plate with hot soapy water. To clean out the burning compartment use hot soapy water and a nylon brush. Jubilee clips under the burning compartment come off to allow you to lift the burner ring slightly should you wish to.

3. How do I protect my Plancha from the weather?
A – You can purchase from us weatherproof covers that go right over the table and down to the ground with a draw string at the bottom.

4. Where does the fat go?
A –The amount of excess grease depends on what you cook and how you cook it. You should use plenty of spray on oil throughout the cooking process but you can periodically wipe off any excess from the meat you choose to cook with scrunched up paper towel. If there is any grease that goes over the lipped cooking plate into the burning compartment below you simply follow the cleaning instructions supplied to clean off after you have finished cooking.

5. Will the burner rust?
A – As we have no history for this product in New Zealand yet the answer is that we do not know. We have not heard that rust is a problem for the UK company. Using a weatherproof cover should minimise the possibility of rusting. The Burner Unit is coated to protect it and minimise rusting but there may be some minor oxidation around hinges etc over time.

6. Can you get square shaped Planchas?
A –Yes you can order a square shaped Plancha in the 120cm; 150cm; and 180cm sizes but that is a special order with a 3 month delivery time.

7. Can you use the Plancha inside?
A – Not when they are powered by LPG. However we are investigating a model that can be connected to a Natural Gas bayonet and there is an electric cooking plate also under development.


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